Dr. Chris Penny
The Mouse is Dead: Welcome to the Post-PC era
Ready or not, we have entered the Post-PC era; a time when mobile technology, such as the Apple iPad, has ushered in a change to the way teachers teach and students learn. Mobility has many advantages, and mobile devices have provided us with a sort of renaissance as we are freed from the constraints of the desktop-based personal computer.
Yet, mobile pedagogies, and their subsequent impact on teaching, learning, and inter-personal communication is still relatively new but several innovative themes have emerged from studies of mobile pedagogy. Specifically, mobility increases engagement, eases collaboration amongst all members of a campus, and encourages creativity by teachers and students. By bringing together up to date research, with best practices from successful mobile one-to-one initiatives, this forward-looking session will present insights into what’spossible in the Post-PC era.
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Dr. Chris Penny is a proud parent of three amazing little boys, Conner (9), Liam (7) and Keagan (5). He is a Professor of Education at West Chester University, and a graduate of Penn State University. In a previous life he was a professional football (soccer) player.
In 2011 he won the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award for his excellence in the classroom. In 2007 he became an Apple Distinguished Educator, and in 2009 a Google Certified Teacher. His efforts in teaching and research have the focus of technology integration in education. Dr. Penny’s most recent research, and subsequent speaking engagements, is focused on mobile pedagogy and what many people are calling the Post-PC era. This is the topic of his latest book Mobile Pedagogy and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning. He interested in understanding how new tools, like tablet computers, can improve the teaching and learning experience. Outside of teaching and research he serves on the Apple Distinguished Educator Advisory Board.